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NEW YORK March 2, 2001

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Working Grrl
Clicks and Mortar meet WebMortar
Kickstart Redux
Great Space and a 212 area code to boot!
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The Cyber Scene in Los Angeles
A Second Report on the LA Cyber Scene
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Cocktails with Courtney Austin
Tuesday, March 13th
The closing day of SXSW in Austin, TX
In conjunction with The Networker's PowerForum
Austin's Music Hall.

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First Annual Alternative Media Festival. February 8, 2001

Dot Commers: Back From Dead? - Courtney Pulitzer, The Cyber Scene (6.8 min). Despite the massive Dot-Com layoffs, Courtney Pulitzer is optimistic dot-commers will bounce back. Interviewed by Caleb Goddard
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Comparisons to Jack Kerouac, Charles Kuralt and MTV's Road Rules were tossed around, but Aliza Sherman's road trip across the country and back in her RV was slightly different from them all. While her next book coming out will be entirely devoted to her exploits, her 2nd book, Cybergrrl @ Work, was the true focus of Tuesday night's sake and wine-tasting soiree at the Upper East Side's Hi-Life.'s CEO Robert Levitan and Aliza shared stories of their all-expense-paid speaking engagement in Florida. Meanwhile, Mindarray's Tery Spataro and Starvest Partners' Rachel Masters met and met up with other Webgrrls who came out in support of Aliza. I arrived in typical fashion after all the yummy treats were gone, but Aliza was quick to point out that the vegetarian options and regular sushi were divine. Cybergrrl's man-of-the-house Kevin Kennedy came over to greet me, and though I stayed for only a bit, I could sense plenty of sustained enthusiasm for the original Cybergrrl and her works as she pursues future ventures.

======================================================ADV GIVE ME SOME PRIVACY!!!! Tuesday, March 6th. Privacy is not only a political hot button; this year, it affects your business. Over a dozen privacy bills are pending, ready to change the way business is conducted on the Internet. Join NYNMA as the Evening Panel Series presents "None of Your Business: The Politics and Business Implications of Privacy": Tuesday, Mar. 6, The Equitable Building, 787 7th Ave. Reg: 5:30pm. Panel: 6:30pm. Pre-registration online only ends 3/2 - visit today!!! ======================================================ADV

Near the beautifully redone City Hall lies a beautiful restaurant called City Hall. And inside and downstairs this lovely establishment were the good people at WebMortar, hosting their launch party for clients, friends and associates on Tuesday, February 27. WebMortar's Barbara Frerichs greeted me at the door and introduced me to Jared Begun and Mike Newman, who was sporting some fabulously colorful Mardi Gras beads. Necks of others were also clad in necklaces for the festivities, and a band started playing some Dixieland tunes to keep spirits high. Jeremy Kagan was chatting with WebMortar's partner Andy Gonzalez and 20 eggs' Darren Jer, while over by the bar, sampling some very fine wines, was Pfizer's Todd Greeno and Entertaining Ideas Catering's Diane Gordon. WebMortar partner John Kendall and I compared venue options for Austin, TX, where he lived for about three months, and tried to convince Senior Partner Mike Alford of this city's attributes. Fellow Skidmore alum and WebMortar Associate Justin Model and I chatted about our upcoming reunion before he introduced me to Nancy Byrne, who planned the event. Belinda Horton of CIBC Worldmarkets and her husband, City Salvage's President David Topkins, told me about his unique business. He has found a niche picking up people's unwanted household and personal items, and getting them into the hands of charities who can use them. Redwood Partners' Kailah Rovin and LAK PR's Lisa Novitt was chatting up a storm alongside the smoothly polished bar, where the barkeep kept drinks fresh. Sadly all good things come to an end. Although the WebMortar party was winding down this Mardi Gras night, the company is just winding up for lots of business. So, stay tuned!

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Back down in Battery City Park, KickStart officially opened their Wall Street location. Covered originally in the Downtown Alliance's Bits, Byte and Bar, I saw many of the same people, but got to check out more of the space. Near the copy machine/pantry area (this evening's makeshift bar) Kickstart's Jessica Handy looked smashing in her silk rose blouse and silvery eye makeup. It went quite well with her martini, and she introduced me to Connectivity Services' VP/General Manager Kareem El-Heneidi, who in turn introduced me to Kickstart's Matthew Karp, who gave me another tour. CAP Gemini Ernst & Young's Julio Cassels and Michael Lee introduced me to Michael DeMartinis.'s Alexander Jacobson and I caught up. He told me that are good - he's still in business, which in these times is a good sign! This time around, I got to spy through a window into the Ssrver room, where clients can put their own equipment. In addition to this expanded rack space, KickStart's Wall Street space differs from its Midtown space in the larger spaces for clients and secretarial services. The frosted walls and doors created a cool atmosphere, and all the youngsters and savvy networkers jammed to the final strains of upbeat reggae music before the lights came up and the music went down.

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Emerging growth companies and start-ups are still attracting capital, but on a more selective basis. Today, you need a comprehensive plan that gives today's jaded investors confidence that they will realize a solid return on their investment. Business Plans International ("BPI") understands this. For over 10 years, in 6 major cities and serving companies worldwide, BPI has advised entrepreneurs and CEOs on their business plans. Plans receive accolades from investors. More than 800 clients, more than 100 new media clients. or 212-753-0555

If you thought it was just a funny Seinfeld episode where Elaine was distressed over having a 646 area code while still residing in Manhattan, you're wrong. While the 646 numbers are becoming more commonplace, there's a sense of thrill when you can secure an actual 212 nowadays. And the NY Venture Space on Broadway and 37th is touting this feature as one of its many for new prospective tenants. Their official opening party on Thursday, March 1st drew a great turnout of investors who invested in this venture, partly because they were in a meeting before the soiree. And the reaction? They loved the space and were pleased with the tenants and how they're doing. Other guests who arrived were a consortium of people involved in real estate, construction and who were involved in the building. Building management representative John Impoco of Williams GVA was there as was Harris Smith Design's owner James Smith, who did the architecture. Joyce Schwartz, editor of the NY Venture Space newsletter and a tenant was most likely took notes on the space and chatted with some of the reps from public relations firm Linden Alschuler and Kaplan, Inc. and Cushman and Wakefield. Michael Drapkin, principal and founder of Drapkin Technology Corp. and published writer of "3 Clicks Away: A Manager's Survival Guide to Winning on the Web" made an appearance from his busy schedule to chat with guests and enjoy some of the fine white wine and stuffed grape leaves. Other notable munchies were the standard (but always nice fruit and cheese, quiche, fresh fruit, crudite, crackers and cookies. Some professors from Baruch College came, in support of their alliance with the NY Venture Space where they provide their small business center for their clients. Carla Hojaiban was gracious as a hostess and made sure guests got to meet the NY Venture Space CEO Lynda Davey, president TK Flatley and managing director George Khouri. Tours of the centrally located, fully wired space. Companies go through a screening process and if accepted, the NY Venture Space has the right to buy stock in the company at its initial price and get 1% equity. Hey, for these short-term rents and the conference rooms, secretarial services and a 212 phone number? It's worth it!

======================================================ADV Courtney Pulitzer Venture Circle
Members of Courtney Pulitzer Inner Circle, our club for internet-related professionals, can now enjoy our network and contacts for seeking venture funding. This is now a formal and regular function of Courtney Pulitzer Creations LLC. Whether a cutting-edge application technology or web-based service, and everything in between, we can find the right VCs suited for you. And if you are an investor, we have start-up companies seeking funding. For details visit our website or email us!

The lines were around the block and over 3000 people darkened the doorway at Madison Square Garden's Expo Center on February 28th looking for work. It was daunting but the largely brick and mortar exhibitors were raking in the people they lost during the dot-com boom a year ago. Big guys like Accenture, AIG, Deloitte and Touche were present along with a variety of other companies like Random Walk Computing, Metropolitan Jewish Health System and Toureau. rose to the top of the heap, though, as "the source" for job-related resources.

======================================================ADV AIM's Dinner & a Deal NYC. March 7th. Metronome restaurant Panel discussing "How to maximize your limited marketing budget in 2001, with a serious look at how internal corporate Marketing/IT communications effect the marketing mix." which starts at 5pm, with cocktails at 6:30, sign up at:
======================================================ADV ======================================================ADV Stacy Horn, founder of ECHO, has written another thought-provoking book. "Waiting for My Cats to Die: a morbid memoir," by Stacy Horn (St. Martins Press). >From Booklist: "Horn's thoroughly honest appraisal of herself and her life will so endear her to readers that many will wish they could hang out in the tiny Greenwich Village apartment with her, the cats, and the resident ghost. Indeed, to read these moving, surprisingly funny essays is to see the world through Horn's intelligent, caring, if death-obsessed, eyes and remarkably, to enjoy the view. For someone who can't stop talking about death, Horn makes a strong and lovely statement about the joy of life." Benefit sponsored by: The Cat Practice, Just Cats, Carole Wilbourn: The Cat Therapist, Beasty Feast, Original Sin Cider, Total Beer and St. Martins Press. Friday, March 16th, doors open at 8, show begins at 9. Westbeth Theatre, 151 Bank Street. $20. RSVP: 212-674-5151, ext. 525, Erica. ======================================================ADV ======================================================ADV The Cyber Scene in looking for top-notch sales people. High Commissions and great opportunities! Please contact: [email protected] if interested.

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