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1. Invitation to join CEO Technology Response "Brain Trust"
2. NYSIA Silicon Alley Community Meeting
3. iBreakfast Report: After the Depression. Michael Mandel's speech on New Business Models for the Net.
4. New Media Has a WTC Hero - How Web Project Manager Andrew Furber and the Little Fireboat Attacked the Fire and Helped Dig People Out
5. NYNMA's Super CyberSuds
6. BizBlender
7. Next iBreakfast: "Dealing With Business in the World of Terror - 3 Companies That Have Been there Before" Oct. 17


Dear iBreakfast Members & Silicon Alley Executives,

CEO's Interested in a Technology Response "Brain Trust"

Time: Thurs. Oct. 4th 8-11am
Place: NY VentureSpace
Free to qualifying CEO's

In the spirit of boosting the recovery, the iBreakfast is sponsoring a CEO-level Round Table on a technology response to living and doing business in a world of terrorism. Contrary to the stereotype, we have experienced an educated, net-savvy, entrepreneurial style of fanatic. We expect to develop a list of proposals, business concepts and opportunities for the business and investment. The new business and government-funded landscape will be surveyed.

If you head a company that offers a product or business service that can help define the role of technology and new media in dealing with it - and would like to participate in this free event - please contact me at [email protected] or call 212-624-9110.


Alan Brody, Executive Program Director


NYSIA Community Meeting - Oct 3
For those affected by the World Trade Center tragedy we highly recommend participating in the following: The New York Software Industry Association (NYSIA) Silicon Alley community meeting on Wednesday, October 3rd. The discussion will focus on how the World Trade Center Disaster has affected the New York metropolitan area's technology community. Representatives from the Mayor's office, the New York City Partnership, state development agencies and Federal Small Business Administration are planning to attend and will lead a discussion on how to best coordinate relief efforts for affected companies. Leading New York City companies will be offering special relief and recovery assistance

Time: Wednesday, October 3rd Doors open at 6 PM. The program starts at 6:30 PM
Place: The Altman Building ( 135 West 18th Street (between 6th & 7th Avenue)


Report on the Sep 25th Meeting

After a moment of silence, the September 25 iBreakfast considered the terrible events we have encountered. No one really asks to be a prophet but it was hard to ignore the sadly prophetic tone of the event: it had been specially scheduled later than the typical 3rd Wed. to avoid the High Holy Days, and the topic - recovering from the depression was, in the words used to describe the speaker, Michael Mandel's book, "eerily prescient."

Mandel, the economics editor of BusinessWeek, who also wrote this week's cover story, predicted the drastic depression, in his 2000 book, "The Coming Internet Depression" because of the underlying business model of innovation that he had discerned: technology R&D had essentially been outsourced to VC-funded start-ups. Since the whole industry had grown on the expectations of VC returns from IPOs and colossal buyouts more than the start-ups collapsed: big companies had been feeding off the start-ups and the telecom expansion which in turn had been paying for the massive underlying infrastructure. Once the market collapsed, it would do a great deal more harm than damage a few VC portfolios -it would undermine the entire technology, new media and telecom chain.

The reason he predicted that the depression would be even worse than expected is because the major corporations may have survived, having outsourced their R&D, now had very little new product in their the pipeline.

Nevertheless, Mandel felt there was enough of an infrastructure in place that the outlook was fundamentally optimistic for the long term. The shakedown, in that scenario was probably healthy.

But that was before September 11th.

The future is much more difficult now: government support will never be enough to recover losses, the human and business confidence losses will continue for months to come, there is no equivalent of turning technology factories into war production factories and it is clear that the government will take over what had once been the free market and VCs for funding and business support.

That means a slower moving, substantially less entrepreneurial environment. But the industry will have to get used to it in order to get along.

In a panel following Mr. Mandel's speech with Larry Chase from Chase Online Marketing, Michael Drapkin from XB5 and Mark Oster from Grant Thornton, it was clear that companies need to think long and hard about back up procedures and much business will surround the retooling of business for security. If there is a bright spot - it is that spending for civilian security will increase dramatically and that may present opportunity for entrepreneurs.

Michael Mandel welcomes further discussion at [email protected]

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WTC: THE HERO WEB MANAGER AND THE LITTLE FIREBOAT THAT COULD

How many of us have felt remarkably useless in the aftermath of the Sep. 11 attack?

You wouldn't if you were Andrew Furber, an e-business integration project manager who has worked with the iBreakfast organization on several projects in the past. Furber had been a volunteer member of the John J. Harvey, a retired 1931 New York City fireboat that group of enthusiasts had revived. His work on board, and on her pier] as a welder and engineer led him to a fill-in job after he was laid off from his company, dmind.

On the day of the bombing he was cycling to work on Pier 63 in the Chelsea area when he saw the flames appear on the Towers. As he headed toward the fireboat he saw dazed people stumbling up the West Side Highway.

When he arrived, he learned that NYFD dispatchers had called the mighty fireboat back into service under her last designation as Marine 2. As a working fireboat with powerful water pumps, she was critical to the rescue effort because the water supply downtown had been incapacitated.

When they arrived at Ground Zero the fireboat crew set about reconfiguring the hoses to supply water to the firefighters. Furber, whose background is in telecommunications, satellites and the web was pressed into service as an oxyacetylene steel cutter. Wielding his fiery torch, he followed the rescue crews to cut apart steel beams so that trapped people could be retrieved.

Furber returned to the site every day working long hours until Friday when he was shut out of the site because of heightened security during President Bush's visit.

When asked how he dealt with the horrific scene, Furber, who has nothing more than a lapsed CPR and 1st Aid instructor certification, said "I am really lucky that I was able to help." Being able to do something made him quickly get over the horror. And weeks later he has adjusted well, knowing that he had an effective part to play in the Tragedy.

We are very proud of Andrew at the iBreakfast and we would like to honor the spirit of volunteerism and simple, matter-of fact heroism he exemplified. For those of you who wish to share your good thoughts, contact him at [email protected]. For those fascinated with the little fireboat that could, visit


NYNMA's SuperCyberSuds Nov. 1

We at NYNMA share the sorrow of all affected by the tragedies of September 11. We're determined to continue our customary activities to support the region's business and technology innovators, and we encourage you to help the industry by referring your favorite emerging, cutting-edge technology and/or new media companies to exhibit at NYNMA's 7th Annual Super CyberSuds�. When the companies you refer sign on, you receive your choice of rewards valued at $300; the companies receive their choice of exhibitor rewards valued at $2500 and the opportunity to grow their business. This year's show takes place on Nov. 1 and will focus on wearable technologies, digital entertainment, interactive gaming, home networking, personal productivity, wireless and broadband solutions, and more. Super Cybersuds� 2001 will illustrate the fusion of technology with life - add to the experience!

Click here to refer companies and choose your rewards:

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BIZBLENDER- Unique Business Networking - Where leaders meet!
New York, Tuesday, October 30
BizBlender is the leading after-hours networking event for business professionals from a diverse range of service areas. Company executives and decision-makers are able to share business goals and needs with other service providers to build relationships and develop referral partnerships. This is facilitated through a highly interactive and social event where the results can be quantified in terms of client acquisitions. Tickets are on sale NOW for this special event opportunity that no company can afford to miss! For more information and to register for the event, please visit:

New York, Tuesday, October 30

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