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  December 12-14, 2000, Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York
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Session Descriptions
  • Business Benefits
    For: For all Business and Technology Executives, Managers and Decision-Makers
    Squeeze maximum profitability and competitive advantage out of your E-business initiatives! Discover solutions for all your key E-business challenges-from models, metrics and marketeting, to value chains and Web-based customer service!
  • Real World Solutions
    For: Business Managers and Technology Managers who want to learn from real world case studies
    There's no substitute for the experience of real-world E-business implementers- especially when it comes to the "bet-your-company" applications that promise the greatest competitive advantage. In these two case study tracks, you'll go deep inside today's breakthrough deployments, gaining unparalleled insight into the technical and business realities associated with them.
  • Technology Solutions
    For: For IT/IS and Other Technical Managers and Decision-Makers
    To make your E-business work, you've got to make E-business technology work. Get inside today's most strategic E-business technologies, identify every key approach, opportunity, risk factor, and technical limitation. Compare today's leading products-and preview tomorrow's. Then, check out the real-world case studies from leading edge implementers who'll identify key obstacles to implementation-and the best-practice solutions they've discovered.
  • Mobile Commerce
    For: Business Managers and IT managers in key business sectors such as retail, banking and finance, entertainment, travel and E-marketers.
    Check out the latest in wireless devices, investigate vertical and broad-based technologies and learn about new E-commerce wireless solutions.

Business Benefits

Tuesday, December 12th
From Here to eBusiness: Managing the Transition

General Session: What Business Are You Really In?
Moderator: Prof. Erik Brynjolfsson, Co-Director, Center for eBusiness @MIT
Todd Loofbourrow, President, Authoria
Richard Owen, Chief Executive Officer, Avantgo, Inc.
Kevin Ryan, Chief Executive Officer, DoubleClick, Inc

No matter how long you've been in business, or how successful you've been, E-business changes everything – and your future depends on how well you manage your transformation. Success begins with a rock-solid understanding of the core value you bring to your customers – but, as the world's best companies have repeatedly discovered, that's rarely as obvious as it sounds. In this session, you'll discover how to gain a more profound understanding of your core value as your customer sees it – and how to transform that knowledge into a winning long-term E-business strategy.
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Strategies for Crossing the eBusiness Chasm
Prof. Erik Brynjolfsson, Co-Director, Center for eBusiness @MIT

For a few rare incumbents, E-business merely requires an extension of the approaches that have worked in the past. For most, however, dramatic changes in both mindset and operations are required. This lecture shares the experiences of leading "bricks-and-mortar" companies who are successfully transforming themselves into E-businesses. Discover how they've learned to create great web-based customer experiences; built the extra-ordinarily diverse partnerships and alliances needed for E-business success; and begun to view customer relationships as ongoing conversations. Even more important, discover how they've driven the internal changes needed to accomplish all this – and how you can do it, too.
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Creating an eBusiness Corporate Culture
Moderator: Stephanie Stahl, Executive Editor, InformationWeek
Louis A. Musante, Managing Partner, Echo Strategies
Lynne Waldera, President and Chief Executive Officer, InMomentum, Inc.
Jay Whitehead, Founder and CEO, EmployeeService

What characteristics of corporate culture are most closely associated with E-business success, and how can you rapidly evolve your corporate culture to adopt them? In this session, you'll discover the quantifiable, bottom-line advantages you can achieve by crafting an E-business-focused corporate culture – and learn how to "get there" from wherever you are now. We'll show you how to marshal all the tools available for shaping corporate culture; how to lead an E-business initiative by example; how to craft organizational structures with greater speed and flexibility; and how to leverage your E-business corporate culture in the battle to recruit and keep the best people.
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eBusiness Branding and Competition: What Frictionless Commerce Means to Your Value Proposition
Moderator: Prof. Erik Brynjolfsson, Co-Director, Center for eBusiness @MIT
Eric Levin, Vice President of Marketing, Frictionless Commerce, Inc.
Jeffrey Mahl, VP, eCommerce, AskJeeves
Jerry McLaughlin, President and Chief Executive Officer,
Stan Smith, President and Chief Executive Officer, Open Ratings

Your brand: in the age of E-business, it's proving more important than ever before. But what happens to your value proposition when consumers have information and power? How do you differentiate from the competition? What happens to the businesses that reap their profits FROM the friction-like financial institutions that rely on consumers' ignorance of the better deal around the block? In this session, you'll plot strategy with a leading expert. You'll discover the best (and worst) ways to leverage your bricks-and-mortar brand on the Web. You'll learn the strategies and tactics for preserving your brand and your value proposition as you morph into an E-business.
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Wednesday, December 13th
Reinventing Business Models: The eBusiness Imperative

General Session: Lessons Learned from eBusiness Failures
Moderator: Brian Gillooly, Editor in Chief, Events, InformationWeek
Sayan Chatterjee, Professor of Policy, Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University
Mark Teflian, President, Time, a subsidiary of Perot Systems Corporation
Jeffrey Wum, Chief Executive Officer, Claritas, LLC

The E-business community will remember the Year 2000 for spectacular collapses such as and In this session, you'll go beneath the surface to discover exactly what went wrong at these high-profile failures. Our panel of experts will dissect flawed business models, hidden assumptions, disastrous critical-path decisions, failures in execution, mismanagement, misunderstanding of the customer, and more. The goal: to identify specific, actionable lessons for your E-business.
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eBusiness Model University
Yannis Bakos, Associate Professor, Stern School of Business, New York University

Every E-business needs a clear model that defines what it's trying to accomplish – and there's no shortage of E-business models to choose from: brokerage and B2B exchange models, aggregators, agents, ad-based content models, pure-play web commerce, clicks-and-mortar, affiliate and community-building, subscriptions, portals, and many more. In this lecture, you'll review how each E-business model is faring in the marketplace, identifying key strengths and weaknesses, long-term prospects, market opportunities, and evolutionary scenarios. You'll learn how to identify the right model for your E-business, integrate the best aspects of multiple models, migrate your E-business to a new model – and above all, translate models into reality.
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Innovative eBusiness Models in Practice
Moderator: Yannis Bakos, Associate Professor, Stern School of Business, New York University
Bob Green, Managing Partner, Flatiron Partners
David Moore, CEO, 24/7 Media
Patrick J. Spain, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Hoover's, Inc.

How are the world's most innovative business model experiments really working out? How are yesterday's innovators staying ahead of breakneck competition? In this session, a top E-business model theorist challenges the industry's leading innovators with tough questions about what's worked, what hasn't, what's changed – and what's next. With brutal honesty, leading E-business executives will measure yesterday's expectations against today's marketplace realities, and explain how they've changed their business models to reflect those realities. Most important, they'll offer powerful insights into what it takes to execute radical shifts in strategy – swiftly and successfully.
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Dymanic Marketplace Models
Moderator: John Foley, Executive Editor, InformationWeek
Frank Getman, President and Chief Executive Officer, HoustonStreet Exchange
Cynthia Hollen Chief Executive Officer, Knowledge Strategies Group
Jerry Machovina, President and Chief Executive Officer, OneMediaPlace
Hillard Sterling, Partner, Gordon & Glickson LLC

As E-marketplaces move from drawing board to reality, we've brought together competitors, customers, and observers to answer today's key questions: Which will thrive, which will fail, and why? What operational and marketing surprises are E-marketplaces encountering, and how well are they responding? Which industries are proving most receptive – and least receptive? Will the latest E-marketplace outsourcing offerings and packaged applications speed new entrants to market? Will the FTC's antitrust rumblings become more serious? Is Forrester's estimate of $1.4 trillion in E-marketplace transactions by the Year 2004 realistic? Above all, how do you define your company's strategy for participating in – or building – E-marketplaces?
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Thursday, December 14th
eValues, A New Equation of People, Ideas & Capital

General Session: Show Me The Money: A Practical Approach to "Sealing The Deal"
Moderator: Chris Miles, Editor, Angel Advisor, Bloomberg Publishing
O.H. "Dave" Davison, Chairman, VentureStream
Robert Goodman, Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners
George Kim, Founder & Development Officer, Model E Corp. Network
Fred Wilson, Managing Partner, Flatiron Partners

Tomorrow's great technology and Internet businesses will get funded and launched
– but they'll have to be far smarter and more creative than ever before. If you're already an entrepreneur or planning to become one, you can't afford to miss this up-to-the-minute insider's look at all your current funding alternatives. Are VCs back in the market? Should you partner, and if so, who's looking for partners now? What are the pros and cons of "angel" funding – and what's the most efficient way to pursue it? How will this year's successful business plan differ from last year's? What operational assistance should you expect from your investors? Join a powerhouse panel of experienced investors and entrepreneurs to discover how to get funded, get organized, and get to market – fast!

Presented by AngelSociety
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Winning eBusiness: The Human Component
Moderator: Ed Taylor, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Collective Technologies
James Keogh, Chair, eCommerce Track, Columbia University
Charles H. Ketteman, CEO, siteROCK
Cliff Reeves SVP, Knowledge Management Solutions, Lotus Development Corporation
Louis Tetu, Chief Executive Officer, Recruitsoft

Excellent people = excellent E-business. In this session, you'll learn how exactly to hire, motivate, nurture, and retain the world's best people. In this complete guide to the human side of the successful E-business, we'll address issues that are all too often neglected in the rush to the marketplace. Can you get the job done without endless 80-hour workweeks? What's the right role for training in today's E-business? Now that stock options have lost their sheen, what financial or non-financial motivations can replace them? Is the hyper-competitive E-business culture sustainable for the long term? Is it possible to rebuild employee loyalty? Should you try?
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Wall Street Session: Value Creation: What's the Right Exit Strategy?

Moderator: Lou Bertin, Principal, Bertin & Co.
Michael Drapkin, Chair, eCommerce Track, Columbia University & Principal, Drapkin Technology
Linda Rosetti, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, eMaven, Inc.
Chris Selland, VP, Marketing, eSupportNow

Recently, important new approaches have been introduced for measuring E-business return on investment. In this session, we'll compare them, helping you understand how they differ from traditional ROI methodologies. We'll address urgent questions such as: How do you measure shareholder value in a marketplace with unprecedented volatility? What is the true value of a new customer, and what should customer acquisition really cost? Is there such a thing as E-business customer loyalty, and can it be measured and valued? Which web metrics matter now, and which ones have become virtually useless? From start to finish, we'll help you choose metrics that offer real insight – and avoid those that obscure your E-business realities.
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Innovation 100: The Customer
Moderator: Rusty Weston, Editor, and InformationWeek Research
David Neel, Director of AccelerEight Center, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young

InformationWeek Research will present dynamic new research called The Innovation 100, which will showcase the nation's largest and most innovative users of information technology. Innovation 100: The Customer, co-produced by Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, spotlights leaders in customer-centric business and technology strategies. In this session, InformationWeek Research and CGEY will present the research results, and will also highlight the Innovation winners. Copies of the December 11, 2000 InformationWeek magazine issue on this topic will be available for all attendees of this session.
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Real World Solutions

Tuesday, December 12th
From Here to E-business: Managing the Transition

e-Transformation of the Victoria's Secret Catalogue eCommerce Site
Moderator: Rusine Mitchell-Sinclair, General Manager, Managed e-Business Services, Americas IBM Global Services
Frank Giannantonio, Vice President, Direct Marketing Systems, The Limited, Inc.

What does it take to turn the largest specialty retailer of women's lingerie into a 360-degree brand? In 1998, Victoria's Secret began the E-transformation of this very successful brick and mortar and catalogue company with the launch of The Victoria's Secret Catalogue website experienced remarkable demand, growth, and record sales over the past two years to become one of the premier E-commerce enterprises – emphasizing the strength of this channel within the Victoria's Secret brand. In this session, Frank Giannantonio, Vice President of Direct Marketing Systems – The Limited, Inc., discusses the challenges, synergies, and lessons learned that have brought this site to its current prominence, along with his insights for the future direction of E-business within the organization.
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Deploying a Storage Area Network
Moderator:Gary Sobol, Industry Marketing Manager/Business Development, StorageTek
Eric Madison, Director of Enterprise Storage Systems, USinternetworking, Inc

The industry analysts, vendors, consultants and press are passing out advice left and right on how to implement a large SAN. But do they really understand what you, the end-user, go through to complete a successful SAN implementation? This case study is your opportunity to hear the reality about SAN implementations from a storage architect who has installed and run one of the world's largest heterogeneous SANs with thousands of servers and petabytes of data. Eric Madison, Director of Storage engineering for USInternetworking, Inc. will address topics including; Do you really need a SAN; What do I need to know before jumping into the SAN Box; Lessons learned: Deploying a SAN!, and Futures: Where will we put our data tomorrow. You will also learn what to look for in building a SAN that must be highly scalable, support an international network and run true 24x7.
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Creating an E-commerce Eco-system with Secure Mobile Access
Moderator: Joya Chatterjee, HP E-Commerce Global Alliance Manager
Jan-Erik Gustavsson, Chief Technology Officer,

Online retail has grown from a curiosity to a hyper-competitive marketplace. Wireless access to Internet sites will soon become standard operating procedure for dot coms, so being first to market is important., a European Internet trading community, is transacting E-commerce today on HP "always on" infrastructure and is developing a mobile system for users to purchase products and check order status via secure mobile devices anytime, anywhere. Creating the ecosystem to support E-commerce built around the mobile consumer requires a great deal of balance. If balanced properly, E-commerce components like Content, GUI, Payment and Presentment, Security, Personalization, Legacy Application Integration, Workflow, and Platform result in an ecosystem that provides great benefits for all participants. This case study will focus on putting the right components, infrastructure and relationships in place to support an operational E-commerce ecosystem with wireless functionality.
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Transactional Technology Capitalizes on the Need for Convenience in a Cashless Society
Moderator:Gayle Howard, Director of e-Business, Sprint
Mike Lawlor, Senior Vice President, USA Technologies

In this session, attendees will learn how USA Technologies, Inc., a leader in providing network-based, cashless transaction-enabling devices, is leveraging the Internet to provide the world's first non-PC E-commerce device. The device, known as e-Port, promises to revolutionize the way traditional "brick and mortar" retailers, such as convenience stores and gas stations, conduct business by providing increased wealth and customer service opportunities for competing in the E-marketplace.
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How Lycos Network Chose a New Web Platform and Server to Build its Next Generation Internet Portal
Mike Bodnar, Production Services Manager, Lycos and My Lycos

The Lycos Network is a unified set of Web sites that provides leading search and navigation resources as well as community and communications services such as free homepage building, free Web-based e-mail, and an assortment of compelling content. To improve administration, manageability, and reliability of its Web sites, Lycos wanted to develop a common, flexible infrastructure to unify existing Web applications into a single platform. This session will show how Lycos evaluated several platform options, then selected Intel®-based servers and the Microsoft® Web solution platform as the best overall technology solution for its high-volume, commercial Web sites.
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Creating Smart Enterprises with E-Marketplaces
Moderator:Robert W. Frey, Director of Industry Solutions Marketing, Sterling Commerce
Gerry Palmer, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, GlobalNetXchange (GNX)

Every day another alliance/new exchange is created in the E-business market. Before leaders can react to rapid changes such as these, they need to understand an E-business market model. Exactly what business pains can be best addressed by an E-marketplace? How are E-marketplaces re-writing the rules of competition with improvements in cycle time and reduction in cost and capital requirements? And, what are the core competencies you need to compete? We will look at alternative approaches to building exchanges and the session will conclude with a discussion of the implications of model variables on your enterprise.
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Wednesday, December 13th
Reinventing Business Models: The E-business Imperative

MetalSpectrum to Serve Manufacturers, Distributors and Customers in the Specialty Metals Business
Moderator:John P. Tierney, Director of Digital Market Solutions, Arthur Andersen
William Murphy, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President, Product Development, MetalSpectrum

MetalSpectrum is a new online neutral marketplace for the purchase and sale of aluminum, stainless steel and other specialty metal products and related items. The marketplace will combine the strengths of more than 80 percent of the specialty metals market's leading players, linking manufacturers, distributors and end users. In this session, MetalSpectrum will discuss its approach to eBusiness and the online exchange model that enhances the way all participants interact with each other to save time and money, and ultimately recreate their business processes on the Internet. MetalSpectrum will address the role of Arthur Andersen as the systems integrator, building on an Ariba/i2 platform, for the online marketplace.
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Xpedior and Partner to Develop a Leading-Edge Portal for the Marine Industry
Richard R. Nordstrom, President, Inc.

To complement its offering of wireless communications services for the Marine industry, Maritel, the dominant provider of VHF Public Coast marine radio telecommunications, partnered with Xpedior to develop the most comprehensive on-line marine community: Mari.COM. Maritel and Xpedior are dedicated to delivering a personalized experience tailored to the user's interests. Mari.COM is the comprehensive, single point-of-reference for mariners and will satisfy their need for information, safety, products, services, and communication relating to the Marine industry.
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Intermate's SECUREprint® Combines Encryption with Biometrics to Guarantee Secure Print Jobs
Kenneth Christiansen, Managing Director, Intermate

Intermate is an international company that provides network connectivity for printers, on an OEM basis. This session will show why Intermate decided to include SMARTpen's biometric authentication system (BiAS®) and end-to-end security (E2ETM) in its products. Using this technology only the person authorized to read a document can print it. Originators can send print jobs over LAN's or over the Internet to printers to which the addressees have access. The addressee uses a SMARTpen at the printer in order to receive the print-out. The attendee will learn how these applications can be incorporated into b-2-b, b-2-c, e-gov and intranet areas.
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The FreightWise Story from Inception
Christopher Booth, Director of Technical Operations, FreightWise

FreightWise ( improves transportation management, profitability, and reliability. Targeting both shippers and transportation companies, FreightWise creates an open exchange for logistics services. Customers can identify rail, truck, air and ocean options via dynamic pricing based on their shipments, as well as published price lists. Transportation companies can auction capacity to broad, new markets. All parties benefit by having visibility from shipment placement through tracking and payment. Please join us to learn how FreightWise developed their solution with J.D. Edwards for 100 percent availability and performance, supported by 24x7 customer service.
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Exploiting E-business Intelligence
Moderator:John M. Spens, Consulting Manager, Business Decision Support Practice, Claritas, LLC
Carolyn Layne, Vice President and General Manager, Media & Web Publishing Business, Informix Business Solutions
Michael F. Trainor, Chief Operating Officer, Home-Link Services
Kenneth Wagner, Senior Vice President, Customer Relationship Management, The Provident Savings Bank

Business intelligence tools serve to guide the growth strategies and marketing tactics of many companies. This session will examine successful applications of business intelligence tools to target, up-sell and cross-sell. The panel will examine ways to best leverage information, issues around privacy, challenges in analyzing behavior on the Web and concerns around market segmentation.
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Protecting and Extending the Cash Management Relationship
Moderator:Andrew Eliopoulos, Director, IBPP for iPlanet E-Commerce Solutions, A Sun-Netscape Alliance
Alison Quigley, Vice President, Ecommerce/EBPP Product Team Leader, First Union National Bank

First Union Corporation, with $247 billion in assets at September 30, 2000, is the nation's third largest cash management service provider. Committed to delivering innovative financial solutions to corporations worldwide, First Union is a leading provider of e-commerce and Internet-based services. Its alliance with iPlanet BillerXpert enables wholesale customers to realize the benefits of online bill presentment and payment and increases the value proposition of First Union's e-commerce business model. This case study will review the vendor selection process and steps to take in launching such a strategic initiative.
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Bringing an E-business from Concept to Reality
Moderator:Jeffrey Wu, Chief Executive Officer, Claritas, LLC
Mark Boyce, Executive Vice President of Strategic Development,
Paul Burke, Strategic Relationship Manager, Intel Corporation
Steven Clegg, Senior Vice President of Product Marketing, Phobos Corporation
Dr. Setrag Khoshafian, Senior Vice President of Technology, Savvion, Inc.
Bo Lasater, Founder and Vice President of Strategy, MimEcom

E-businesses evolve through stages similar to traditional high-growth companies but at a much more rapid pace. It is essential to determine the critical elements of strategy as the nature and character of the business changes. This panel will explore challenges of building staff, strategic planning, competitive analysis, financing and execution models. Panelists will discuss broad experiences as well as specific examples, both successful and disastrous, from real companies.
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Thursday, December 14th
eValues, A New Equation of People, Ideas & Capital

GENERAL SESSION: e2open: E-Marketplace Success In 7 Days
Patrick Toole, Jr., General Manager, Business to Business Solutions,IBM Customer Solutions, IBM Corporation
Paul Sterne, Chief Financial Officer, e2open

e2open is a public e-marketplace that hosted its first exchange a week after starting its technology implementation process. Since then, additional pilot auctions have occurred. Find out how this electronics components, design collaboration and supply chain services exchange used a well-thought-out technology plan to launch quickly and the results members have realized. Learn about success factors such as best-of-breed business processes and technology platforms to support transactions and link into existing ERP systems and the importance of an independent management team. Learn too about the incentives that are driving this e-marketplace toward mass sufficient for market liquidity.
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Leveraging the Internet to Change Your Business Model :The JD Williams Story
Moderator:Pamela Royalty Director of E-Solutions, MERANT
Tom Fothergill, General Manager of E-Business, N Brown Group plc, the parent company of JD Williams

JD Williams, the largest catalog company in the UK, recently moved all of its 17 apparel and soft-goods catalogs onto the Internet. The project involved transforming JD Williams' narrow and reactive direct-mail sales process into a fully integrated, knowledge-rich, customer-focused system. In this presentation, Tom Fothergill of JD Williams will explain how MERANT and JD Williams transformed the mail-order company into an E-business leader. Tom will walk participants through the complete E-business solution that resulted in 17 integrated E-commerce Web sites that leverage existing complex legacy systems.
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Service Level Assurance: Keeping E-businesses Going at Full Speed
Moderator:Larry Robinson, Manager of Firehunter/e-Commerce, Agilent Technologies, Inc.
David Sadler, Head of Wheels and Cogs, Orange

Powerful companies demand outstanding Internet/intranet performance in areas such as web hosting/access, e-mail and E-commerce. Many leading businesses and service providers use Firehunter, from Agilent Technologies, to measure, monitor and enhance the complete end-to-end user experience. Orange, the largest provider of cellular phone service in the United Kingdom, will discuss how they monitor access to their portal page and simulate end-user transactions to allow them to improve their customers' experience.
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Fiberxone Brings the "E-world" to a Traditional Business
Lisa McSorley, Chief Technology and Operations Officer, Fiberxone

The world of business is changing at a phenomenal pace, especially for ‘old line’ businesses. Fiberxone has created an electronic marketplace for one of the oldest traditional businesses, the world of textile raw materials. Fiberxone's business solution helps simplify the supply chain for its customers who use the advanced technology of Ariba as the centerpiece of a strategic plan. This session will discuss the challenges of creating a marketplace for a traditional industry, and will review how to address the technology, business and cultural issues of changing the way people do their jobs. This session will also review how to communicate these changes in new ways to work, new ways to communicate globally, and how to adjust with the changes that lie ahead!
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Ensuring Effective Customer Care
Moderator:John M. Spens, Consulting Manager, Business Decision Support Practice, Claritas, LLC
Steven d'Alençon, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, Xoriant
Jay Fulcher, Executive Vice President, PeopleSoft Consulting
Mark LaRow, Vice President, MicroStrategy Applications, MicroStrategy
Terri A. Ramsey, Chief Customer Officer, NUASIS Corporation

Customer retention is an ongoing concern for E-businesses once the battle to acquire a customer is won. This session will examine how E-business ventures can succeed in providing excellent customer care. Panelists will discuss strategies to employ, challenges faced with legacy systems, integration of CRM solutions and staffing strategies. Providing customer care across all areas of operation will be examined in a session whose focus is on a critical asset for any E-business: a satisfied customer base.
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Building a Profitable E-business
Moderator:Jeffrey Wu, Chief Executive Officer, Claritas, LLC
Rowland Archer, President and Chief Executive Officer, HAHT Commerce, Inc.
Nitin Kapila, Senior Director, Product Development,Peregrine E-Markets Group
Dave MacSwain, President and Chief Executive Officer, SpaceWorks, Inc.
Thomas A. Summerlin, Vice President, Marketing and Strategy, e-Business Services, Unisys Corporation

Attaining profitability is now prominently at the forefront of E-business planning. This session will explore the aspects of planning and operations that have the most dramatic impact on profitability. The tradeoffs between revenue generation and expense containment will be examined, including such topics as the impact on quality, customer service levels, infrastructure, outsourcing models, compensation and marketing. Panelists will discuss how successful organizations have achieved this balance and navigated through difficult operational constraints.
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Technology Solutions

To make your eBusiness work, you’ve got to make eBusiness technology work. In the eBusiness Conference Technical Track, we’ll get you inside today’s most strategic eBusiness technologies, identifying every key approach, opportunity, risk factor, and technical limitation you need to know about. You’ll compare today’s leading products -- and preview tomorrow’s. Then, we’ll connect you with real-world case studies and leading edge implementers who’ll identify key obstacles to implementation -- and the best-practice solutions they’ve discovered.

Tuesday, December 12th
From Here to eBusiness: Managing the Transition

Making the Most of e-Marketplaces
Moderator: Tim Wilson, Editor at Large, InternetWeek
Nathanael V. Lentz, Senior Vice President of Strategy, VerticalNet, Inc.
Bill McBeath, Director, Emerging Solutions, Surgency
Liron Petruska, Vice President, Commerce One Auction Services

In this session, you'll define your optimal strategy for profiting from E-marketplaces, and master today's best practices for achieving maximum cost savings, speed, and flexibility. We'll review every leading approach to E-marketplaces, comparing the benefits, costs, and risks of supply chain marketplaces, vertical and horizontal trading hubs, sites deployed by enterprise software firms, and other alternatives. You'll discover how to tell the winners from the losers, and identify steps you can take right now that position you for profit, no matter which marketplaces ultimately succeed.
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Supply Chain e-Process Automation
Moderator: Wayne Rash, Managing Editor, Technology, InternetWeek
Keith Belton, Vice President of Marketing and CMO, Viquity
George K. Mathew, Vice-President, Global Markets, Fort Point Partners Inc.
Frank Meister, Principal e-Commerce Analyst, Doculabs
Vladimir Preysman, President and CEO, DataSweep

Suddenly, enterprises have an unprecedented range of software and Web-based options for automating communication and processes across their supply and distribution chains. In this session, leading providers and implementers compare the alternatives, and review the diverse applications E-process software can support – from supply-side engineering changes through customized channel pricing. You'll review approaches based on pure XML message-based architectures, as well as solutions that leverage LDAP, Active Directory, and other directory infrastructures. Finally, early adopters will offer practical insights into the challenges of implementation, including the need to integrate with an exceptionally wide range of ERP and legacy software.
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Securing Your Perimeter
Jeff Forristal, Lead Security Developer, Neohapsis, Inc.
Kevin Novak, Security Consultant, Neohapsis, Inc.
Greg Shipley, Security Services Director, Neohapsis, Inc.

Witness a live attack on an enterprise network – and a state-of-the-art response! Network Computing lab experts walk you through every stage of a typical assault by sophisticated crackers, demonstrating state-of-the-art defenses and response techniques. You'll see intrusion detection and security scanning at work; discover how to plug vulnerabil-ities in firewalls and authentication systems, and learn how to weave multiple techniques and products into a powerfully effective security architecture.
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Wednesday, December 13th
Reinventing Business Models: The E-business Imperative

Personalization: One-To-One Wonder Or Marketing Myth?
Moderator: David Joachim, Senior Managing Editor, InternetWeek
Steve Larsen, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, Net Perceptions
Jeffrey P. Massa, Managing Founder and Chief Technology Officer, YellowBrix, Inc.
Jack Serfass, Co-Founder and Co-Chairman, Bowstreet

Personalization: is it all it's cracked up to be? In this session, we review the state-of-the-art in E-business personalization technology, taking a tough look at what you can really expect – and what's really involved in implementing true personalization. We'll walk you through successful deployments, showing you the obstacles that E-businesses overcame to achieve their key business goals. You'll discover how vendors are responding to the criticisms leveled at first-generation personalization software, by delivering deeper personalization, greater scalability, and the ability to personalize entire sales campaigns encompassing multiple media.
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Customer Information Profiles: Managing and Massaging Unprecedented Amounts of Data
Moderator: Chris Selland, Vice President, Marketing, eSupportNow
Peter Adams, Chief Executive Officer, Primary Knowledge
Johnny Anderson, President and CEO, HotData, Inc.
Kimra Hawley, President and CEO, ActionPoint, Inc.
Alan Phillips Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, ZDNet

CRM and personalization systems require massive amounts of accurate customer data to meet their potential. In this session, you'll learn how to feed these systems the data they need, no matter what internal or external systems that data is stored in. Discover today's best strategies and techniques for integrating legacy point-of-sale systems, call center databases, data warehouses, and other key sources of customer information. Learn how to improve data quality and consistency, manage massive quantities of data more effectively, and use your data as effectively as possible in real-world personalization and CRM applications.
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Mobile e-Commerce: Today's Building Blocks, Tomorrow's Opportunities
Moderator: Kevin Cooke, Events Editor, Network Computing
Rudy Bakalov Manager, Technology Risk Services, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Peter G. Bianco, Vice Chairman and EVP of Marketing and Business Development, BioNetrix
Julie Fergerson, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, ClearCommerce Corporation
Charles Gildehaus, President, Mercator Partners

If you're contemplating the potential of mobile E-commerce, you can't afford to miss this comprehensive review of the latest technologies – and what it'll take to implement them successfully. A panel of experts will review mobile commerce technology from the perspective of IT, marketing, and the customer, offering a frank perspective on technical limitations such as screen size, memory, power, and bandwidth. We'll review the roles of mobile devices and browsers, Web server gateway platforms, WAP, WML/ WMLScript, mobile portals, and mobile commerce person-alization tools. You'll learn how to design mobile E-commerce applications that work well even with today's limitations – and scale to tomorrow's more powerful platforms.
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Thursday, December 14th
eValues, A New Equation of People, Ideas & Capital

Getting Closer to Your Customer: Breakthrough Content Distribution Solutions
Moderator: Greg Yerxa, Chief Technology Officer,
MatrixTek, LLC, Joe J. Bai
Chief Technology Officer, Adero, Inc.
Robert Hammond, Senior Vice President,
Advanced Technology Group, Mirror Image Internet, Inc.
Michael Keddington, Senior Vice President of Marketing, epicRealm

The closer your content is to your customers, the faster they can get it, and the happier they'll be. That's the simple idea behind content distribution – but content distribution isn't so simple anymore. It's evolved beyond pure caching to become a full-fledged service model that can supercharge virtually any large-scale site or E-business application – even those based on dynamic content. Deploying enterprise-class content distribution is expensive, time consuming, and complex. We'll walk you through every key step, help you evaluate the costs, compare architectures from leading players such as Inktomi and Akamai, and demonstrate how your choice of solution will impact your enterprise infrastructure.
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Transformation of the Enterprise III: Research Panel
Moderator: Rob Preston, Editor in Chief, InternetWeek
Panel: Top E-business czars and IT executives who are driving E-business transformation at their organizations

A look at how corporate and IT management views the impact of the Internet from a business and technology perspective. For the third year in a row, the results of InternetWeek's ground-breaking research study Transformation of the Enterprise III takes an in-depth look at how 1,000 corporate and IT managers are using Internet technologies to drive greater customer revenue, deeper supplier relationships and are basically changing the way business is done. A panel of E-business executives will provide insights into how they are driving E-business solutions through their organizations – the successes and pitfalls.
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Building More Efficient Web Sites
Moderator:Tom Smith, Editor, InternetWeek
Maya Capur, Co-Chief Operating Officer, Creative Good
Lawrence Genovesi, President and Chief Executive Officer,
Network Engines, Yash Shah, Co-Founder, President and
Chief Technology Officer, InteQ

E-business ad spending soared by 1400% last year – but sites have made absolutely no progress in converting those expensive visitors into customers. The #1 reason? Web site performance: slow pages, inconsistent load times, unreliable applications, server and database problems, content errors, and Internet slowdowns. In this session, leading web content, site management, and Internet access experts offer a step-by-step plan for dramatically improving site performance, drawing heavily on real-world case studies. Discover the technical and usability mistakes that may be alienating your customers right now; compare new technologies and services for measuring site performance from the user's standpoint; and identify low-cost improvements that can pay for themselves virtually overnight.
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Mobile Commerce

Tuesday, December 12th

GENERAL SESSION: The Wireless Web: Who'll Be The Gatekeepers
Moderator: Jeff Giesea, Editor,
Ulf Arnetz Founder, President and CEO, Corechange, Inc.
John Chapman, Director of Mobile/Wireless Strategy and Business Planning, E-services.Solutions, Hewlett-Packard
John Dolan, Chief Strategy Officer, OracleMobile
Barry Issberner, Vice President Mobile & Wireless Systems, Symbol Technologies
Vince Pleasant, Vice President, International Customer Development, eLocations Channel British Telecommunications, Plc.

The jockeying has already begun, as billion-dollar enterprises for leadership in creating preferred customer gateways to M-commerce applications and services. In this session, the industry's leading competitors and analysts will address key strategic questions like: Will wireless service providers dominate with their own portals? What will be the role of "tethered" Internet portal giants like AOL and Yahoo? Will new entertainment, retail, or vertical industry mobile portals emerge?
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M-commerce in the Real World
Moderator: Neerav Berry, Co-Founder and Vice President of Marketing, Cellmania
Vikram Chachra, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, SNAZ Commerce Solutions
Jim Debelina, Director Emerging Technologies, Motorola
Michael Karasick, CTO, Pervasive Computing Division, IBM Corporation
Gerry Zagorski, Director of Business Development, AT&T Wireless

This session offers an across-the-board review of today’s increasingly diverse M-commerce consumer applications, in finance, retail, travel, entertainment, and beyond. Who’s using wireless technology to build sales? Who’s succeeding? Who’s failing? Which applications are proving most successful? Where trends have the pioneers identified – and what obstacles have they had to overcome? Mobile applications to be discussed include: stock trading, mortgage rate updates, movie reviews, restaurant reservations, ordering sports and entertainment tickets, and many more.
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Who’ll Lead the Mcommerce Applications Pack?
Moderator:Adam Zawel, Senior Analyst, Wireless Mobile Services, The Yankee Group
Mark Adams, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Mspect, Inc.
Rudy Bakalov, Manager, Technology Risk Services, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Gadaliah Gurfien, Co-Founder and International Marketing Director, Televend, Inc.
Louis Judice, Regional Manager, Mobile E-Services Bazaar - Americas, Hewlett-Packard

M-commerce may have a limitless future, but it’s still in its infancy – and there are far more questions than answers. What will be the first ‘killer’ M-commerce app? How will successful M-commerce apps differ from wireline apps? Will there be a wireless equivalent of Yahoo or eBay? What will be the successful B2C play for investors and VCs? How will B2B M-commerce take shape? How will the successful M-commerce business model differ from wireline models? Who should pay: Consumer? Advertiser? Someone else? With the help of an expert panel, you’ll get a handle on all these crucial issues – and more.
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Wireless Advertising: What Form? What Content? What Reaction?
Moderator: Josh Newman, Founder and Senior Editor,
Jason Devitt, Co-Founder and CEO, Vindigo
Bruce Mello SVP, GM, Wireless, Broadband & Emerging Media, 24/7 Media
Adam Zawel Senior Analyst, Wireless Mobile Services, The Yankee Group

M-commerce is expected to enable an entirely new generation of highly-targeted advertising messages to mobile users. What will those advertising messages look like? How will they be created and delivered? Who’ll pay for them? How will users react to them? What are the implications of advertising targeted at where you’re standing and what you’re doing right now? In this session, pioneers in M-commerce advertising compare their approaches, explain their business models, and address the key questions raised by service providers, advertising purchasers, and customers alike.
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Wednesday, December 13th

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Localize or Perish
Dr. Ronjan Nag CEO, Cellmania

Winning mobile commerce strategies for the future will be about building wireless Internet and web applications that are location-centric, where location will be the key notion through which all content will be presented and promoted to the customer. Location is an essential ingredient for creating a compelling, personalized user experience for the wireless Internet. While the Web has revolutionized how businesses operate, one key real-world concept has generally been abstracted away, the notion of location. In our world of brick-and-mortar stores, scattered supply chains and distribution centers, location cannot be dis-regarded. Brick-and-mortar companies should think about location as an area of competitive advantage in their mobile commerce strategies.
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Getting Your Business on the Mobile Bandwagon
Moderator: Neerav Berry, Co-Founder and VP of Marketing, Cellmania
David Appelbaum, General Manager, North American Operations, Autonomy, Inc.
Ed Bursk, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Invertix
John Canosa, Chief Scientist, Questra Corporation
Arun Kotagiri, Manager, Wireless Practice, Zeneb, Inc.
Ron Spears, President and CEO, MobileLogic

Your sales force is on the road. Great: that’s where you want them. But wouldn’t it be nice to give them immediate, no-hassle access to internal telephone extensions and email, or to the latest sales figures for their key clients? Companies are struggling with mobile-enabling a wide range of internal functions: email, groupware, employee directories, ERP, CRM and other tethered Intranet applications. In this session, leading implementers confronts a wide variety of key issues, including adapting content for internal mobile applications, network security, and much more.
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Mcommerce Payment and Settlement: Practical Solutions
Moderator: Beth Bacheldor, Associate News Editor, Pervasive Computing and Global Strategies, InformationWeek
Paul Healy, Senior Director, Global Wireless Services, VeriSign, Inc.
Cees Jan Koomen, Chairman, Pijnenburg Securealink
Dean M. Leavitt, Chairman and CEO, U.S. Wireless Data, Inc.
Elizabeth R. Morey, Vice President, Emerging Technologies, MasterCard International Incorporated

M-commerce will face all the payment and settlement issues that E-commerce has been working through: ensuring the security of credit card transactions, the efficiency of bill paying, and easy customer access to account information. Reliable, flexible M-commerce payment and settlement systems must be fully integrated with a company’s existing systems. This session introduces businesses whose M-commerce systems handle these tasks, and providers of the state-of-the-art software that supports them.
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Unlocking Mcommerce: Application Design Secrets
Moderator: Joe Braue, Publishing Director, Custom Media Solutions, CMP Media, Inc
Mark Hansen, EVP, Eastern USA, Xpedior
Vinit Nijhawan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer,
Kinetic Computer Corporation, Peter Roschke, Chief Technology Officer, MediaServ
Laurent Stanevich, Managing Creative Director, eStrategy Consulting, Mainspring

To mobile-enable your company, you need to master the complex art of creating mobile applications. In this session, leading mobile application consultants cover every step from design through rollout and beyond, offering detailed guidance on updating tethered applications with mobile front-ends. Discover state-of-the-art solutions for creating time and location-based applications; and learn practical techniques for leveraging existing business logic, application infrastructure, and design.
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Thursday, December 14th

GENERAL SESSION:The Shift from E-commerce to M-commerce
Moderator:J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer, Mobile Insights, Inc.
Hai Ngo, CISSP, Vice President, Product Management, Securant Technologies
Rajeev Raman, Vice President, A2B Strategic Business Unit, Questra Consulting
Jeffrey W. Sass, EVP and COO, BarPoint
Dave Shuker, SVP and GM, Mobile and Wireless Practice, iXL, Inc.

E-commerce and M-commerce systems differ, and E-commerce marketing, management and design strategies must be viewed separately – yet it must also be possible to integrate wired and wireless strategies and technical systems. In this session, leading M-commerce executives discuss how they deal with the differences between E-commerce and M-commerce, and the challenges that arise when shifting between them. They’ll also present successful systems and approaches for managing M-commerce and E-commerce together, and preview integration improvements they see on the horizon.
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More Bandwidth! More Power! More Intelligence!
Moderator: David Bishop, Director, Wireless Mobile Services, The Yankee Group
Michael A. M. Davies, Chairman, Mercator Partners
Julie Feil, Principle Network Architect, Equient
Jacob Marc Goldman, Director of Financial Services, Ericsson Internet Applications
Pankaj Kedia, Marketing Operations Group Manager, Mobile Platform Group, Intel Corporation

To understand the M-commerce opportunities associated with emerging 3G wireless systems, you must understand the capabilities and limitations of current narrowband wireless infrastructure, as well as key trends in device manufacturing and marketing. In this session, leading market players address each important issue associated with 3G M-commerce, and introduce powerful emerging technologies such as enhanced location sensing, which can target customers more precisely and support creative new service offerings.
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"Tommy Can You Hear Me?" Incorporating Voice into M-commerce
Moderator: E. Frenkel, Adjunct Associate Professor, New York University
David Bishop, Director, Wireless Mobile Services, The Yankee Group
Steve Chirokas, Director of Product Management, SpeechWorks
Alan Eng, Senior Product Manager, IP Telephony, Cisco Systems, Inc.
John LaNave, Vice President of Sales Operations, Siemens
Timothy A. Moynihan, Director, Enterprise Product Marketing, Dialogic, an Intel Company

Increasingly, technologies like interactive voice response and voice-over-IP are being used to enrich the mobile customer’s M-commerce experience. These technologies will also create new services and markets. In this session, companies on the cutting edge of these technologies discuss the opportunities they present, and review key enabling standards, such as the forthcoming Voice Over XML (VoXML).
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Creating a Positive, Friendly User Experience
Moderator: David Andrews, Senior Director of Marketing, Mobile Solutions Group, BroadVision, Inc.
Moderator: Barry Briggs, VP and CTO, Advanced Technology Group, BroadVision, Inc.
Jorge Mehta, CEO,

M-commerce applications will fail without practical, useful, and engaging user interfaces. Identifying the goals of your interface is only half the battle. You’ll then need to decide how you’re going to implement it – and who you’ll turn to for assistance. In this session, leading wireless application designers share their experiences and insights about every aspect of interface development, covering simplicity, reliability, performance and much more.
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