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Live From the Corner Office
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Designed as a platform for senior level executives to discuss current issues involving business on the Internet, CNET's "Live From the Corner Office" series provides an interactive environment for industry leaders and peers to discuss critical decisions facing their companies.

The application service provider market (ASP) has grown tremendously in the past year as companies rush to outsource their business processes and infrastructure. With the advent of ecommerce and conducting business online, the decision to outsource the commerce component of your business services has become a critical one for any company that has embraced "new economy" practices.

Our next installment in our quarterly series, "Live From the Corner Office" will examine the role of ASPs and how they can accelerate the adoption of ecommerce for your business. We'll have real-world examples from experts in both small and large companies discussing the challenges they face in bringing their businesses' ecommerce strategy to market and how ASPs helped them to achieve their goals.

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Bob Kane
CNET editor of Business Products

Michael Drapkin
Principal of Drapkin Technology and Chair of Columbia University's E-Commerce Track for the Advanced Information Technology Management Program

Myrna Nickelsen
CEO of NextMonet

Ben Pring
Principal Analyst for Application Services
Wordlwide - Gartner Group

John Wilkerson
President of Global Indirect Markets - EDS

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