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XB5 Partners, a NYC-based consulting firm with expertise in helping companies rebuild IT departments, is mobilizing a task force of senior-level management consultants with skills in all areas of technology and operations. All services will be offered without charge to any NYC firm or organization needing short-term support as a result of the disaster.

2001-09-25 - Nimda worm keeps going and going...

The multifaceted Nimda worm continued to spread over the weekend, hitting North America on average five times harder than any other region. Antivirus company Trend Micro's World Virus Tracking Center reported that 120,000 new infections were detected worldwide in a 24-hour period ending noon Monday PDT, bringing the total number of copies of the Nimda worm found by Trend Micro to 1.3 million.

2001-09-18 - Worm infestation plagues servers, PCs

Many companies worldwide saw Internet bandwidth slow to a crawl Tuesday, as a new Internet worm flooded PCs and servers with its attempts to spread. While many companies connected to the Internet seemed unaffected by the worm, others said the damage ranged from nuisance to full-fledged outages. "It seems to randomly be going through every IP (address) of my network," said Ian Neubert, director of information services for online telecom equipment seller, which found itself inundated with scans from infected machines. "This is ridiculous." The worm, which appeared early Tuesday morning, spreads using a multipronged attack and infects both PCs and servers running Microsoft's Windows 95, 98, Me and 2000 operating systems.

2001-09-11 - 2 aircraft crash into World Trade Center towers; towers collapse

NEW YORK -- In a horrific sequence of destruction, terrorists crashed two planes into the World Trade Center and the twin 110-story towers collapsed this morning. Explosions also rocked the Pentagon and the State Department and spread fear across the nation.

2001-09-06 - SirCam worm shows no sign of stopping

Chalk one up for the bad guys. Almost seven weeks after it started spreading, the SirCam worm is still topping the watch lists of almost every antivirus company.

2001-09-04 - Hewlett-Packard and Compaq Agree to Merge, Creating $87 Billion Global Technology Leader

Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE: HWP) and Compaq Computer Corporation (NYSE: CPQ) announced today a definitive merger agreement to create an $87 billion global technology leader.

2001-08-15 - IBM introduces new chip set for Intel servers

New server-level chip technology set for delivery by IBM in October could let users run enterprise applications on Intel Corp.-based servers in a more flexible and economical way than current approaches allow, according to analysts. Called Summit, the new chip set uses a building blocks approach to let users buy relatively small four-processor Intel servers and then snap on up to 12 additional processors, plus more memory and other components as their computing needs increase.

2001-08-12 - 20th Anniversary of the IBM PC

Twenty years ago this summer, the IBM PC was introduced to the world. It was an event that launched a revolution and changed the way people did business. But the first 20 years of the PC are only the beginning.

2001-08-09 - This Year's Strictly Business Solutions Expo Will Showcase Top Houston Industries In The CIO Forum Moderated By Industry Titan, META Group

Ianne McCrea, CIO of Reliant Energy; Phil Padgett, CIO of Lockheed Martin Space Operations; David Bradshaw, CIO of Memorial Hermann Healthcare System and Tom Nealon, CIO of BMC Software are participating in the CIO Forum, entitled "Transforming While Performing-Maximizing the Business Value of IT, A Panel Discussion" at the Strictly Business Solutions Expo. Karen Rubenstrunk, Senior Vice President of META Group will share her experiences and insight as moderator for this discussion on Wednesday, October 10 at 11:00 a.m.