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Internet World Announces Appointments To Its Inaugural Advisory Board
11/29/01 1:48 PM
Source: Business Wire

Internet World Fall 2001

DARIEN, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 29, 2001--

First Board Meeting To Be Held at the Upcoming Internet World Fall

2001 Conference and Exhibition in New York City

Penton Media's (NYSE: PME, Internet World today announced appointments to its first-ever Advisory Board, and has scheduled its first meeting on Wednesday, December 12th during Internet World Fall 2001, which runs at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City from December 10 - 14.

"Over its nine-year history, Internet World has become an influential event where visionaries and practitioners gather to help shape the industry," said Courtney Muller, VP of domestic Internet World events. "To give this community a unified voice, we have created an Advisory Board, which is part of our ongoing efforts to evolve the Internet World events to most effectively meet the needs of the rapidly changing marketplace we serve."

The twelve inaugural members of the Internet World Advisory Board include representation from leading technology and media companies, associations, analyst firms, consultancies and educational institutions.

  • Dick Bennett - SVP Audit Services/CTO, ABC Interactive

  • Judy Boland - District Manager, AT&T Enterprise Marketing - Exhibits and Events

  • Mariann Coleman - Director of Corporate Trade Shows, Intel

  • Michael Drapkin - Chair of eCommerce Management, Columbia University; CEO - XB5 Partners

  • Bob Johnston - President, NY eComm

  • Andrew Kraft - Executive Vice President, Basex; Association of Internet Professionals

  • Jack Powers - Former Conference Chair, Internet World; Director,

  • Dan Matte - Director of Product Management, F5

  • Navin Mehta - Vice President, Wireless Solutions, Global Professional Services, Nortel Networks

  • Joseph Murray - Managing Director, KPMG

  • Steve Saunders - Co-founder and U.S. Editor, Light Reading

  • Dan Schwartz - Consultant

  • William Taylor - Founding Editor, Fast Company

For additional information, please visit

Penton Media (NYSE: PME) is a leading, global business-to-business media company that produces market-focused magazines, trade shows and conferences, and Web sites. Penton's integrated media portfolio serves the following industries: Internet/broadband; information technology; electronics; natural products; food/retail; manufacturing; design/engineering; supply chain; aviation; government/compliance; mechanical systems/construction; and leisure/hospitality. For more information, visit

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